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Heavy Haulage
A full range of Heavy Haulage and associated services.

Private Escorts
Escort vehicles arranged, supplied and managed.

Project Management
Helping you and your project requirements every step of the way.

Machinery Installation
Equipment for hire with our experienced, professional team.

Heavy Haulage Experts

Our versatile fleet of trailers are maintained on site to our MOT service schedule by our skilled technicians. Our trailer fleet comprises:

  • 45’ and extendible Flat bed trailers (with twistlock settings)
  • 45’ semi low loaders, c/w hydraulic ramps
  • Extendible semi low loaders, c/w hydraulic ramps and twist lock Settings
  • Super Low extendible semi low loaders (bed heights to 0.65m)
  • Power steered 3 axle extendible low loaders
  • Power Steered 4 axle extendible low loaders
  • Demountable jeep dolly to enable all low loaders to operate at maximum weight capacity
  • Neck - 2 - Bed - 4 multi axle extendible power steered low loader, with demountable bed / beam deck for multi purpose applications

Our fleet of Volvo heavy haulage tractor units all conform to latest Euro5 emission standards making NHL one of the most Eco friendly hauliers in the UK and are maintained by our local Volvo dealer on a full repairs and maintenance contract. In addition, all tractor units are covered by Volvo’s Actionline backup, which gives a 24/7 breakdown service. All tractor units are equipped with satellite tracking technology, enabling us to pinpoint their locations throughout the whole of Europe.